Co-owner of functional fitness studio, boOm® Singapore



I own my choices and constantly have to remind myself never to apologize for them.

When we think about gym and fitness studio owners, ex-sportspeople (who might even have represented their countries internationally), or those who studied sports science or performance in school, are usually the first to come to mind.

But this can’t be further from reality in the case of boOm®, a functional fitness studio – which is co-owned by Victoria Martin-Tay, who has a master’s in environmental engineering from Harvard, no less.

The odds were stacked

After graduating, Victoria had a well-paying job by day, and a gig as a part-time fitness instructor by night. And it was there that she found meaning and validation in her work, as she saw the immediate effect that her classes had on her students – be it in lifting their spirits or helping them destress.

Her parents were understandably worried when she first mooted the idea of starting her own fitness studio with her husband. After all, she would be leaving a well-paying job to do so. To them, the opportunity cost was extremely high; even higher than when she’d taken up a job at uber previously. But she eventually won them over.

Victoria has had her fair share of tough times since opening the studio. There were times her husband and her got by on less than $20 a day. The adventurous couple also had to cut back on travelling too, as they didn’t have the time nor finances to just take off. And of course, there’ve been times that she’s had to get her hands dirty – literally – to do stuff like pick up hair or wipe down equipment in the studio.

It takes almost no effort to use and leaves my skin feeling clean and soothed.

Don’t sweat it

After spending more hours in the studio teaching and exercising, Victoria found that her pores became quite enlarged, her skin was just generally very oily and constantly felt dirty. She put this down to the studio being very moist – not just from her own sweat, but everyone else’s as well.


The Sensibio H2O Difference

For someone who had only used traditional makeup removers previously, Sensibio H2O was a welcome change for Victoria as it wasn’t as oily. What made it even better for her was the fact that she could just wash her face after using it, and her skin would still feel really clean without drying out.