Musician and lead singer of 53A



My choices, both good and bad, define who I am today.

Not many kids can say they’ve always known what they wanted to do when they grew up. But Sara Wee, who started performing when she was four, was no ordinary kid.

Today, she sings at Timbre X @ The Substation every week with 53A, a local band she formed with friends in 2003. On top of that, Sara is also a part-time lecturer at LASALLE College of the Arts, and a yoga instructor at The Yoga Mandala.

Music is life

Wanting to pursue her childhood dream was one thing, but getting her parents on board was a whole different story, for one of them at least – her mum.

Sara said her mum found it hard to accept her decision to pursue a degree in music, because she wanted Sara to ‘have something stable’. Sara’s dad, on the other hand, was extremely supportive, because ‘he wanted to live his rock star life vicariously through me’!

It was only after she presented them with research that she had done to show she knew what she was getting into, that her mum finally came around.

Life as a musician hasn’t been all about the glitz and glamour though, especially in Singapore. Sara has faced her fair share of issues, like being asked to ‘dress a bit sexier’, or dealing with the misconception that ‘musicians are always late because they party all night’. But the one that used to get her goat the most was people thinking that her becoming a musician ‘was not a conscious choice, but a last resort’.

It is the best thing to happen to anyone with sensitive skin.

Something’s gotta give

While Sara’s chosen career means her schedule may seem more flexible than that of a 9-6 office executive’s, it’s actually often jampacked with activity as she hustles between the stage, school and yoga studio. And that’s not even taking into account late-night gigs that run into the wee hours of the morning.

This, of course, has a negative impact on her skin, which already happens to be sensitive. She also tends to break out when she’s in places that aren’t the cleanest, or when she perspires a lot at a gig and doesn’t get to shower and remove her makeup immediately after.


The Sensibio H2O Difference

Sara tried Sensibio H2O for the first time in the yoga studio after rushing over from a performance (she practises yoga without makeup on), and was immediately won over. In her words, she was going ‘oh my God, what is this magic’ in her head with every wipe.

But what really sealed the deal for Sara was the fact that her sensitive skin did not turn red or sting even the slightest bit after, as it usually did with other makeup wipes or removal products.