Nutritionist and TV/radio host



I’m thankful to be living in an age where my choices are respected.

Memories of being reminded to eat all the veggies on their plate when they were younger is enough to make some swear off certain greens. Not Charlotte Mei though; she eventually pursued a degree in nutrition.

But how she’s putting her knowledge to good use these days though – now that’s a story that will take time to process.

Feeding the soul

Like many girls her age, 17-year-old Charlotte paid close attention to the food she put into her body because she was concerned about her health and well-being. But unlike the rest, she took it further – by taking up a course where she could learn the science behind it, instead of getting lost in the maze of information online.

It also meant not having to jostle with everyone else for university places, and subsequently jobs, in industries such as business, law, and marketing.

But that was not the most unconventional part of her journey – which would be the time she made the jump from professional nutritionist to TV nutritionist; a decision that would enable her to reach out to a larger audience.

That too, came with its own set of challenges. Like learning to negotiate rates with clients as a newbie freelancer. And managing her own finances and schedule as she had to balance TV and hosting jobs with private nutrition consultations.

It gives me the assurance that I’m taking the best care of my skin.

The TV effect

After making the switch, Charlotte found herself having to wear more makeup than usual for TV appearances, which made her skin feel drier than usual. Add the oil build-up from times when she has to cook into the fray, and you’d have a pretty good recipe for break outs and other skin conditions to develop.


The Sensibio H2O Difference

As a nutritionist, Charlotte is used to telling clients to read the ingredients list on food packaging so they know exactly what they’re putting into their bodies. Likewise, she practises the same habit when it comes to skincare.

She looks for products that ‘don’t’ have too many harsh chemicals, and that I know will be gentle on my skin – because I respect my body inside out’. And that’s why Sensibio H2O, which started out as a ‘treat for her and her skin’ while she was university, has been her choice of micellar water since then.